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ReQlogic, for Microsoft Dynamics, delivers powerful browser-based functionality to drive eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, and time tracking throughout your business – powering efficiency and controlling costs.

With over 40,000 users worldwide, ReQlogic has the functionality, the in-market experience and the support services you need to add value to your Microsoft Dynamics environment.

  • ReQlogic is easy to use and easy to see clear, tangible benefits
  • ReQlogic is flexible and configurable no matter your preferred set up
  • ReQlogic offers the industry’s best unlimited expert support – gain a solution expert on your team
  • ReQlogic is simple to buy – get all the functionality for one upfront price.

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What is ReQlogic

ReQlogic offers a user interface that is so intuitive and simple, you’re able to complete your procurement, requisitioning, invoicing, expense and time tracking activities more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

ReQlogic solutions


Automate, manage and control your purchasing cycles with an easy-to-use 100% browser interface that allows you to view, review and approve on the move. ReQlogic makes the entire requisition process easy to follow, manage and complete.


Streamline your employee expense reporting – making it easier for everyone. With an electronic approach to information gathering, employees can leverage a number of sources – images, emails, etc. – to enter and track their expense reports.


Gain complete visibility into your invoicing transactions by enabling your employees to enter and monitor the status of vendor invoices and check requests. Leveraging flexible routing options, invoices can be routed to any number of reviewers based on dynamic routing policies. Once invoices and check requests are approved, corresponding AP transactions can be created in your backend system.


ReQlogic’s advanced workflow engine can use any criteria to determine an approval path, such as project, cost category, bill type, position, department, pay code, hours, daily totals, project customer and any other field in related tables. Once approved, Timesheets create corresponding Employee Timesheet records in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


ReQlogic has the easiest menu-based navigation in the industry. You can add, adjust and edit functionality to meet your specific workflow and requisitioning needs, Regardless of how you configure your solution, ReQlogic upgrades are seamless and hassle-free.

button-cta-reining-in-maverick-spend-reqlogic-wpReining in maverick spend

The need to eliminate rogue spending exists for all businesses

You might have spent a lot of time finding the right suppliers and negotiating contract terms, but chances are someone in your organisation has engaged in maverick spending. So what can you do to control runaway costs and drive more productivity into the purchasing process?


Read our white paper to find out how you can:

  • Leverage technology to improve visibility
  • Achieve better cost management to save costs
  • Maintain strategic goals while empowering your workforce.



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