Solver BI360

Tailored BI modules to accelerate your business


A self-service Microsoft-based suite of modules, the BI360 Suite is designed to accelerate your business by providing insight into your entire organisation. Empowering decision makers to run their own reports and drill down for analysis, BI360 allows people to create at-a-glance dashboards with no technical expertise.

With the option to purchase the full suite, or select any of the five modules (reporting, budgeting, dashboards, business intelligence and data warehousing), Solver BI360 can be tailored to your needs.

BI360: business moves fast, self-service BI moves faster

With Solver’s BI360 Suite, discover powerful reporting, budgeting, dashboards, and web portal. In this video, you will preview the new BI360 web portal for aligning your organisation’s financial operations and strategies.


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