Database Management

RockSolid SQL Server Managed Services

RockSolid SQL Server Managed Services is a global team committed to delivering the very best value to our customers.

Our service delivers a 24/7, highly experienced SQL Server DBA team – taking on the ownership of your database operations. Our massive economies of scale mean we deliver a significant reduction in your current operational support costs, combined with improvements in service quality and consistency.

Customers of all sizes can out-task their SQL Server management to RockSolid via our fixed price managed services agreements.

RockSolid SQL Server Managed Services supports over 20,000 SQL Server databases globally.


5 key reasons for RockSolid Managed Services


button-icon-orange-number_1Fixed Price Model

One monthly fee for all monitoring, management, issue resolution and operational DBA requests*.


button-icon-orange-number_2Significant cost reduction

Significant savings of up to 80% over traditional DBA delivery models with added benefits of improved system up time and performance.


24/7 Operational Support

10 minute response time for high severity issues to all of our customers as standard.


button-icon-orange-number_4Dependable operational support

No downtime means continuous service delivery and no loss of market momentum.


button-icon-orange-number_5Scalable support solution

Whether you have 1 or 500 SQL Server instances, our support solution will deliver value and savings to your environment.

*As defined in our services agreement

Magnificent Database Management

RockSolid SQL is an innovative software and services business delivering powerful solutions that allow you to simply and cost effectively manage your SQL Server implementations, regardless of the scale of your environment.

With 12 years of experience in the market, we have recently joined the Eclipse family to extend our solutions to the Eclipse customer base and to expand our offering globally.

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